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Bar & Restaurant Consultant

CWW AGENCY offers a turnkey service in addition to the art of creation, recruitment, organization and implementation of products.

Creation of Concepts

  • Assist decision makers in a project adapted to the trends and customer demands.

  • Assist architects in the creation of the project with all key points: lay out and ergonomics.

  • Define the project, assign the name, create an identity and give a clear vision.

  • Making a unique concept, a destination.


Audit And Consulting

  • Analyzing requirements and logistics.

  • Offering solutions for adaptation.

  • Elaborating cards and menus.

  • Creating product data sheets.

  • Developing custom-made attitude for the personnel.

  • Establishing ritual service.

  • Training for mixology.

  • Assisting in outlet organization.

  • Uniting stakeholders around the actual concept.

  • Setting up checklists for opening and closing.

  • Raising awareness about the responsibilities of the manager and his team for material utilization.

Coaching Bartenders

Not only in the technical product and bar culture, but also and especially in sales techniques in order to maximize your profits.

  • Training in Theories & Practices

  • Establishment of Procedures


Cocktail Menu on Tablet

  • Development of your creations and know-how of your bartenders

  • A true added value: increase in the average selling price per customer

  • Allows bartenders to maintain a guideline and a requirement in their work

  • Save on printing paper and present your menu under new technology

Develop your menus!

Increase your sales

Offer a unique experience

Business Application

Allow the customer to have access to all services of the hotel and restaurant: restaurant cards and menus, calendar, spa menu, concierge etc.


  • Gather customer information for your database

  • Ability to download the application wherever you are in the world

  • Insure customer satisfaction

  • Offer additional services

  • Internet connection/connectivity/ live with social network

  • Cross selling of your outlets

Boost your communication

Develop your products

Retain your customers

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